Our Rooms

Discovery Days Learning Center's mission is to awaken your child's natural desire to learn in an environment where trust, respect, responsibility, community, and cooperation flourish.  

Our classrooms are specially prepared environments with materials that stimulate a student's sense of curiosity and offer dynamic learning at each student's own pace.  



6 weeks - 18 months


Individual infant needs are met by having a flexible schedule that follows their cues and needs. We nurture and encourage infant social-emotional development, their movement, coordination and cognitive development in many ways. We speak lovingly, sing often, play simple games and nurture age-appropriate self-help skills.


We see all caregiving moments (diapering, feeding, etc) as meaningful bonding moments where children participate actively. We have a wide variety of open-ended play objects, books and provocations in our expertly designated infant learning laboratory.


Parents are communicated with often, starting with an individual daily log of feeding, diapering and nap information. We also have a separate phone line in the Cloud Room.


18 months - 24 months


Through our approach we practice respect and allow for children’s development on the child’s own terms. We focus everyday on fostering independence, developing self-reliance skills and encouraging and modeling positive interactions. This includes encouraging the children to do things on their own, and at their own pace.


Our environment is our greatest tool. We provide an open space, a variety of toys and materials, and a caring and nurturing presence.


30 months - 3 years

Social-emotional growth is the major focus as we spend our days together which is promoted through uninterrupted free-play experiences scaffolding this development with teacher modeling and support during peer interactions giving the children the opportunity to make as many of their own choices as possible honoring consent and individuality.


We follow the interest of the children as we plan activities and set up the classroom environment using evidence based early childhood concepts to foster cognitive, fine motor and gross motor development. While looking for signs of potty training readiness we hope to say goodbye to diapers before moving to the next classroom but this is not a requirement. Our primary goal is to form a partnership with the families that we serve working towards the common goal of a happy healthy child.


3 1/2 years - 5 years

Our 4k room focuses on creating a rich learning environment with play-based emergent curriculum. Our children are seen as capable individuals who have the right to direct their own learning. 


Our goal is to establish within each child a love of learning and a sense of collaborative community that they will carry with them into the wider world.


Learning is facilitated by providing materials and opportunities for our Star students to explore. Academic advancement is achieved through open-ended discussion and scaffolding of learning. Social and emotional growth is supported by modeling empathy, respect, and acceptance.

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