Marva Brogdon Green

Welcome to Discovery Days Learning Center (DDLC), the academic branch of Word of Life Ministries (, which opened its doors in North Charleston in September, 2017. A perusal of this site will give you a thorough overview of DDLC — which we believe will meet the academic, social, and spiritual needs of your family and our community. 


I invite you to contact me personally if you have any questions or would like more information about our school or our ministry.


Because of His grace,

Marva Brogdon Green, B.A., M.S. ED.

Director of Schools

GRACE, MERCY, and PEACE be unto you.  I am delighted that you are considering Discovery Days Learning Center for your child.  We firmly believe that every child has been created to learn and that our responsibility as educators is to assist each student in discovering his or her style of learning and, subsequently, inspire each to grow to the height of his/her ability within the context of that learning style.  Our teachers at every level create a safe, favorable environment that fosters self-learning for their students and use a variety of methods—both traditional and non-traditional—for assessing each child’s progress. Our students are challenged to reach high, yet attainable, goals, and our teachers guide and aid them in reaching these benchmarks.


We offer an elite, affordable educational opportunity through Discovery Days Learning Center, our RIE/Montessori-based child care facility (Birth-Preschool).   The administration, faculty, and staff at DDLC are committed to the academic, social, emotional, and spiritual growth and success of your child and agree with this very potent statement made by Marian Wright Edelman:  “Education is for improving the life of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.”  With an emphasis on academic and personal excellence and integrity, it is our mission to improve the lives of our students—and produce leaders who will leave their communities and this world in a better condition than they are in now.


Again, thank you for considering Discovery Days Learning Center.  It will be our honor to partner with you to train and grow this nation’s future outstanding leaders.

Alysse C. Green

Discovery Days Learning Center (DDLC) is a new Infant to Preschool facility in North Charleston near the Goose Creek border. It is well known that children who receive a high quality early childhood education are better prepared to succeed in elementary and secondary classrooms. Therefore, DDLC implements RIE and Montessori practices in conjunction with other sound educational strategies to insure that each child has a solid academic foundation.


Dr. Maria Montessori's philosophy was created on scientifically based observations and has had a profound influence on education over the past century. It is implemented around the world proving to be effective across cultural boundaries and socio-ecomonmic levels. Magda Gerber, founder of RIE (Resources of Infant Educarers), belived in improving the quality of infant care and eduction by honoring infants and young children as equal members in respectful relationships.


We hope to see your child thriving at Discovery Days Learning Center soon!!!

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